Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts

Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts - Kareem Monkey LogoWelcome everybody to my shaolin kung fu martial arts website,  my name is Kareem Panton, I am a Jamaican schoolboy and I live in Jamaica. Like my dad I am a Leo, my favourite colour is green and I would be delighted if you could check out my website and sign my guestbook before leaving. I also have another website (i.e. not a martial arts website) but be advised that I created it when I was only six years old. If you still wish to see it you may do so by clicking here. I have been doing some martial arts since I was only four years old at which time I used to practice karate, however I always had a special liking for kung fu and more specifically, monkey kung fu and eventually I ended up specializing in this martial arts technique.

As I said before, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and more specifically Hou Quan (Monkey Boxing or Monkey kung Fu ) was my specialization. Monkey Kung Fu  is one of the most difficult martial arts techniques to master. In fact one almost has to become a monkey to do well at this style. Additionally, monkey kung fu is regarded as one of, if not the most, aggressive martial arts techniques and at tournaments it is most amusing and entertaining and generally fun to watch.

By the way, all the banner images showing my fellow monks and I sparring were taken at the monasteries in both the Sonshan and Wudang Mountains in Northern and Southern China respectively and they are all my batch-mates...yeah my dreams maybe. Actually the Shaolin and Wudang monk images were all found on The Net (hope they've not been copyrighted and that they are all royalty free), and my dad and I did the rest in Adobe Photoshop to make it look as though I was sparring with them. By now I am assuming that you have realized that I AM NOT a real shaolin monk and that I mean no disrespect to either Shaolin or Wudang. I am just using the images to enhance the appearance of my website. By the way, you may left click the banner images to change them, there are over twenty (20) banners available so keep left clicking to see them all. Be advised however that there will be some repeats, so please be patient and I will be adding more banners in due course. Hope you like them. ENJOY!!!

Now on to matters that are less serious, for me a 'good meal' can be either a twister combo, a five piece hot-wings combo or a cheeseburger combo. My parents are always telling me that I am eating too much junk-food and that it will make me ill but somehow I continue to feel ABSOLUTELY GREAT after leaving KFC, Burger King, McDonalds and Island Grill etc. Anyway please continue to surf the site and be sure to check out my Multimedia section. Once again, welcome to my shaolin kung fu martial arts website.